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Happy New Year

New Year’s Resolution Home Improvement Tips that Don’t Break the Bank If one of your New Year’s resolutions is spiffing up your home a bit, we’ve got some great tips for you that will make a big difference without breaking the bank. Of course, our being stone and tile restoration pros, our first tip is… […]

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If your soapstone has just been installed, perform weekly oiling with a food grade mineral oil or enhancer made for soapstone for the first month, and then twice a month for the next three months. After the fourth month, you should only need to oil once a month or less.As the oil evaporates, the stone […]

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The proper way to clean granite countertops, according to Maurizio Bertoli at People are often told to clean their granite with glass cleaner or a solution of dish soap and water. No one has ever explained why this is simply bad advice better than Maurizio Bertoli, considered by so many to be the “Godfather” […]

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When you walk across your tile and grout floor, does it sound hollow? Or when you drop a spoon, does it sound like it’s landing on an empty container? Is your grout cracking? If so, then some of your tiles may be in the process of separating from the underlayment. Perhaps the tiles are still […]

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“Ask Our Pros” at” If you have natural stone in your home, you may be familiar with using a poultice (stain removal application) to remove a stain from marble or other types of porous natural stone. The reader asks, “How can I get it to stick to the wall?” We can almost see the […]

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Sometimes the Jones’ Have to Keep Up Too I had a conversation with one of my customers the other day after we finished cleaning and color sealing her grout. She shared the story of how she came to call me. “As so often happens,” she began, “my greatest insights are conceived in the bathroom.” With […]

Stone Restoration

Stone Restoration San Diego   One of the great advantages of natural stone is that if it has become damaged, it can be restored, and restoration is virtually always less costly and time-consuming than replacement. If done properly, restoration can result in an installation that looks just as good or better than the original one […]