Travertine Shower Cleaning Tips

Do you have a travertine shower and are looking for tips on how to clean it? Travertine is one of the most versatile and unique natural stones on earth. The Romans used it to build many of their structures, including the Colosseum, the largest travertine building on earth. Travertine is used on facades, wall claddings, […]

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The Sensitive Side of Granite When it comes to stories about acidic juices, foods and cleansers leaving behind etch marks on natural stone, the stone in question is usually marble. However, most homeowners are unaware that their granite may also be susceptible to citrus, wine, soda and other substances that contain acids.

Granite Fountain Restoration

Boston / New Hampshire Granite Fountain Restoration After ten years of neglect, the granite fountain in the lobby of the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH was in need of restoration. See for yourself the dramatic difference Marble Perfect made for this majestic natural stone centerpiece.     Are you looking for Granite Fountain Restoration service […]

Grout Color Sealing Service

Boston / New Hampshire Grout Color Sealing Services Grout color sealing is all the rage and for good reason. The benefits of it are incredible.This video explains this valuable service.     Are you looking for Grout Color Sealing service in Boston, Maine, and New Hampshire Area? Call us now at at 617.699.4509 | 603.393.2776 […]