Marble Perfect

Marble Perfect

We’re in the business of restoring the Wow! back into your natural stone and tile surfaces.

Natural stone and tile grace most homes and buildings. And rightfully so. It adds beauty and value unmatched by all other choices. But, after a while, floors can get a build-up of dirt or topical treatments or become dull and scratched from foot traffic. Grout can become embedded with soils and harbor unsanitary bacteria growth. Showers can accumulate mildew, soap film and hard water deposits. Countertops can become stained or etched.

When this happens, Marble Perfect can clean, polish, refinish and restore your marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and other natural stone, and your porcelain or ceramic tile and grout surfaces to like new.

And to protect them from future staining, we can SEAL your stone or grout, too.

We won’t leave it there, though. We make sure to EDUCATE our customers on proper stone and tile care. Marble Perfect will leave you with instructions and recommendations for products that will SAFELY and effectively clean and maintain your investment. (Did you know that a large percentage of our stone restoration jobs are due to improper cleaning products and techniques?)

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